Technology Consulting

We have strong experience in Technology Projects.

Health, Retail, Finance and Marketing are some of the fields that we have proved our skills so far, while E-commerce is the one that has shown us the way to improve our tools and go ahead for even more Technology in every aspect of Business life.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is the broad field of our activity. Our developers are working hard every day for improving our software and release new one either for dedicated requests of our clients or for our own projects.

Operations Consulting

Most of our clients face serious problems with the everyday running of their companies due to complex procedures or lack of technology skills.

Our expertise in various companies and our knowhow helps our customers improve their operations usually alongside with cutting costs and saving money for other business purposes. This is exactly what you should do if you realise one day that no one or only few of your employees really know their everyday tasks and responsibilities, or if you realise that everything is going slow in your company.

Strategy Consulting

In most of the cases business owners have a very specific vision and mission for their company, but are not able to translate it to action. Most of the times this leads to weak decisions and poor results for the company.

This is the role of Strategy, to connect vision with actions in order to achieve the maximum of goals set. This is not an easy task and needs the combination of our expertise with your passion and experience in your field, to conclude to the right prioritisation of Organisation Goals and the respective Roadmap that will lead you ahead of your competitors.

Marketing Consulting

Your Marketing efforts cannot be optimized without knowing the real performance of marketing channels. Each of the existing famous marketing platforms now presents its own truth, so Marketing Managers cannot have a clear image of the real performance.

Our custom-made Software comes to solve this problem with Attribution Analysis of Transactions and Revenue for each marketing channel, based on Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Models run exclusively for your own data.

The combination of Attribution Analysis with advertising costs-spending can show you the real ROI of each marketing channel and thus present you ONE truth, to help you make smarter decisions and maximize your ROI.

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